Adult Swim Squads

Session Times:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5.30am - 6.45am
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6.45am - 8.00am
Tuesday, Thursday 6am - 7:15am


Adult Swim Squads are perfect for:

  • Improve swimming technique
  • Boosting fitness
  • Ocean swimmers
  • Triathlon preparation

Our squads are run by experienced coach Casey who has been coaching for over 10 years and comes with a wealth of experience in the field of swimming.

Squads cater for all abilities, from the training beginner who just wants to stay fit and healthy, to the triathlete or serious athlete who is training for a specific event.

Programmes can be adapted to suit each person's goals while also catering to the group as a whole.

The focus is on fun and friendship, while enjoying the satisfaction of training hard and making improvements.

Coach - Casey Glover

Casey has been in and around the pool for many years and brings a fresh perspective to our Adult Swim Squad Programme with all his experience:

- Casey represented NZ in open water swimming.

- He became the second fastest person to swim Lake Taupo in 10 hours 52 min.

- Casey holds the world record for swimming across Cook Strait in 4 hours 37 min.

- In 2013 Casey gained the seasonal record for swimming the English Channel in 9 hours 13 min.

- Finally, Casey won the NZ title for 10 km open water in 2011.

If you have any questions or goals for the pool or ocean swimming, please ask Casey.