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5th CLM Business House Relay 16th June - 1st August 2014!

Check back here for updates and results. Best of luck to everyone involved!

A great way to socialise with your workmates, build team spirit and stay healthy!

The fourth series in 2013 was a great success, following outstanding growth in the first three years of operation. In 2011, a celebrity relay featuring Olympians Danyon Loader, Paul Kent and Sarah Catherwood kickstarted the contest at the Lido in Palmerston North. Across New Zealand 38 teams took part in 2011. This was up from 18 teams in 2010. We were delighted that 97 teams took part nationwide in 2012. Palmerston North Team Awesome won the national title last year.

How to join in 2014:

To enter a team, just select four workmates (plus 1 reserve) who will each swim 100m consecutively of the 25m pool. Decide the day and time (6am to 6pm Monday to Sunday) which suits your team to take part. Register at your local CLM managed centre.

It’s a timed relay. Pool staff will be on hand to welcome your team and time your relay. The contest this year is over seven consecutive weeks ( we took note of your feedback) and your team is required to complete one relay each week. The results and current placings for all teams will be posted on the CLM website so that contestants can check out their progress each week.

Please note 2 significant changes to our rules that were used first in 2013:

  • Teams may have a reserve (a 5th swimmer) who takes the place of an absent swimmer;The final result is based on an aggregate (total) of your 6 best swims.
  • At the end of the seven weeks there will be a special prize-giving.

Entry costs will be around $120.00 per team. This covers your weekly timed relay, as well as all your practice swims, and free sauna and spa use during the seven weeks of the contest.

We are excited about the competition which has grown from a local idea to become a national and international event. We would love it if you teamed up with some workmates and joined the action. 

To enter:

  1. Select four staff members who will each swim 100 meters and one reserve. 
  2. Decide the day and time (6am - 6pm Monday to Sunday) which suits your team to take part. 
  3. Talk to your local CLM aquatic centre staff about the details for your area.

Features of the BHR as it works in Palmerston North are: 

  1. Venues at Lido Aquatic Centre and Freyberg Community Pool
  2. Entry of $100 per team which covers weekly timed relay, practice swims, free sauna and spa during the five weeks of the contest
  3. Special prize giving (held again courtesy of Stew at Taylor-Jensen Fine Arts) with the Business House Shields and spot prizes for first, second and third.

The concept of the business house relay is to encourage team spirit among work colleagues while getting them active in a fun and healthy competition. Feedback from participants shows us that:

  1. The relay was something that workmates talked about and looked forward to each week
  2. People who had dropped out of active sport or regular exercise found themselves part of a team and felt motivated to get fit and stay active

Matt Oleary

We welcome your interest, your suggestions and

most of all, your participation. 

Matt O'Leary - BHR Organizer
Lido Aquatic Centre
Palmerston North
Ph: 021 212 2287
E: matthew-oleary@hotmail.com