Aqua Aerobics


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With the facility closed for 3 weeks due to the initial phase of the toddlers pool redevelopment, there will be no aqua classes running from Friday 21st July (evening class). Classes will restart on Monday 14th August. Just  reminder that the main pool temperature will be increased to 30.5 degrees from this date due to the fact that all Term 3 swim lessons are moving into the main pool. We strongly encourage all aqua participants to keep hydared before, during and after these aqua classes and take breaks from the class if required. 


Why Aqua Aerobics here at freyberg pool?

Looking to get back in to exercise, pregnant, recovering from an injury, or just looking for a bit of variety in your training programme? Aqua Aerobics is perfect you!

Freyberg Community Pool Aqua Aerobics runs nearly every day of the week and leaves you feeling motivated, refreshed, and energised!


Aqua Aerobics is a great, low impact way to be healthy and keep in shape. Freyberg has a variety of instructors who mix up their workouts between deep and shallow water. Aqua Aerobics can offer you variety, a challenging workout, as well as opportunity to meet friends and socialise.

Classes vary between high energy, low impact cardio workouts that use interval training to build stamina and strength, whilst promoting correct posture and core stability. Toning exercises use dumbbells and challenge specific muscle groups using water resistance. Squats, lunges, curls, and lifts are mixed with hi-low cardio segments providing you with the ultimate blend for a full body shaping and toning workout.

Aqua Aerobics gets your heart pumping and your muscles burning, but still in that ideal low impact environment. Aqua Aerobics is perfect for everyone! Mix up your usual training programme or take a class at lower intensity to help you get moving again, either way feel the benefits of this awesome workout.


 Casual10 trip
Adult $8.00 $72.00
Senior / Community Services Card $6.00 $60.00