Member of the Month


Congratulations Amy on Member of the Month and for all your achievements this year!
• Amy, tell us a bit about yourself?
“I grew up in Opiki, I have ridden horses all my life and I work as a stable hand. I am also a Mother to Riley my 11 year old son.
• Amy, tell us what your goals were this year?
“My New Years resolution was to complete a Quarter Iron Maori and compete in an event each month. In January I joined the Whanau Training Group. In Feb I completed the Women’s Only Tri (long course). In March I completed the Whanau Tri (long course). In April I completed the Great Forest 10km. In May I completed the Mother’s Day 10km. In June I joined the 8 Week Weight Loss Program. In July I completed the Wellington 10km. In August I completed the Striders 5km. In October I completed the New Plymouth 10km. In November I completed the 20km Tour de Manawatu and also achieved my biggest goal which was to complete the Quarter Iron Maori.”
• How did you train for these events
“Sheree was my personal trainer and she helped me train for some of these events. I would rather have a personal trainer because they push you and you cannot take short cuts. A personal trainer brings out the best in your abilities!”
• What motivates you to come to the gym?
“I wanted to stick to my new year’s resolution so I knew I had to start coming to the gym if I wanted to achieve it. The encouragement from everybody at CLM has been really motivating. Seeing the results and getting fitter also keeps me motivated.”
• Do you have a favourite exercise or muscle group to exercise?
“I like doing bike to treadmill intervals, which I did as training for my triathlons. I dislike doing Burpees!”
• Do you have any new goals for next year?
“My goal next year is to repeat those events and improve on my performance. I also want to lose 15kg by February.”
• Any word of advice for others who are struggling to achieve their health and fitness goals?
“Set yourself little goals first to achieve, then go one better when you set the next goal. Ask for help when you need it.”

Well done Amy! Your achievements are inspirational. We look forward to helping you achieve your upcoming goals!
Your Friendly Fitness Team, CLM Health & Fitness! 