Aqua Fitness Timetable


Group Fitness Timetable
8.30am Aqua HIIT   Aqua HIIT    
9.30am Aqua Power Aqua Jogging  Aqua Power Aqua Fit (Legends) 
 Aqua Power
12.00pm         Aqua Jogging
6.30pm Aqua Deep   Aqua Blast    


Class Descriptions
Aqua HIIT This is a new high intensity interval training aqua class or HIIT for short, running Mondays and Wednesdays. It will be super challenging, it is a hit on your cardio system and not for the fainthearted.
Aqua Fit (Legends) A motivating and fun 45 minute class using mainly the shallow end of the pool. A workout emphasising cardiovascular fitness with strength and conditioning exercises, catering for the beginner to the advanced. The class is primarily for "LEGENDS", but, even if you're under 50, we'll make sure you get a great exercise session!
Aqua Jogging Aquajogging is a 55 minute class held in deep water with aqua belts on for buoyancy. This is a structured session incorporating various exercise intensities and is a great cardio and muscle toning workout. Great recovery from exercise and great for injury rehabilitation.
Aqua Power Aqua Power is a 50 minute high energy full body workout where impact is reduced due to the cushioning effects of the water. This class will challenge your cardiovascular capacity and muscular endurance. All while having fun in the shallow and deep and of the pool.
Aqua Blast A 55min workout designed to improve cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance and core strength by incorporating elements of running intervals, calisthenics, and strength excercised all in the deep end of the pool.
Aqua Deep This 55 min deep water class combines water resistance with no impact and uses different exercises to achieve a high energy aerobic water workout. Improving your muscular strength, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility.
Aqua belts provided. No need to book - just come along!


Adult Casual $11 Concession of 10 $100
Senior / Student Casual $10 Concession of 10 $90