Please ensure children under 8 are actively supervised by a caregiver 16yrs or over. Actively supervised means watching your children at all times - able to provide immediate assistance. Children under 5 MUST be within arms reach of their caregiver AT ALL TIMES! (Adults MUST swim with under 5's)

Also, please be aware that under NZ law, children under 14 can not be left unsupervised at the facility.

Please do not be offended if we remind you of these water safe policies on entry.


Adult $4.50
Child $2.00
Students $3.00
Seniors $3.00
Spectator $0.50
Under 5 years  with an adult $3.00


Lane Hire (lane per hour) $12.00
Hire of whole complex (per hour) $100.00
School Base Fee $35.00