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Aroora is a wellbeing philosophy.

It is grounded in mātauranga Māori, but its core principles are common (and central) to most cultures around the world, making it applicable to people of all backgrounds.

The word 'Aroora' can be broken down into two parts.

  • 'Aro' = ’face towards, focus on, or pay attention to’
  • 'Ora' = ’be alive, well, healthy, and fit’.

So Aroora means “turn towards living a healthy and fulfilling life”.

The Aroora programme builds a deeper connection to people, the environment, and spirituality. It gives you the tools to flourish individually and as part of your wider community.

What is the Aroora programme?

Aroora is delivered in a Wananga format outdoors - generally in the bush, mountains, or on the sea.

The specifics of the programme can be tailored to individual groups, but core activities include

  • hiking,
  • waka ama and paddle boarding,
  • swimming,
  • bush lore,
  • Rongoa Maori (natural healing),
  • sharing of the area's cultural history,
  • education around tikanga and wellbeing.

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The full programme is divided into a series of 6 Wananga, delivered to up to 40 participants in four groups of 10, over a three month period.

At the completion of the Wananga all successful participants receive a taonga representing their journey in a traditional dawn blessing ceremony.

The main outcome for participants is the development of leadership skills and self confidence.
The programme additionally facilitates strengthened social connections, increased well being and a greater understanding and appreciation of our beautiful natural environment.

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