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Physical health includes good nutrition, rest and exercise. 


We focus primarily on managing blood sugar levels (check out the Eat for Keeps web site) and ensuring that you are taking in macro and micro nutrients at a level that is appropriate for your energy output. We also emphasise the importance of good hydration. 


Rest is important to allow your body to repair itself after exercise and to let your mind process the events of the day. Check out these sites for information on the need for sleep and the need for rest and recovery.


This includes all of the following (follow the links to find out why these are so important):

  • resistance training (maintains bone density, balance and muscle tone)
  • stretch (for balance, flexibility and muscle tone - includes activities like yoga and Pilates)
  • cardio (keeps heart and lungs functioning)

If you exercise daily, including all the elements mentioned above, feed your body good nutrition and allow yourself adequate sleep and time for recovery, you stand to extend your life span, improve your health and energy levels and be better equipped to deal with whatever you encounter in your daily life.