Te Ara Ora - Programme for corporates

Ora Up Heart

According to a 2011 study* employees engaging in 2.5 hours of physical activity a week reported greater satisfaction with the quantity and quality of their work, increased their work ability and took less sick time than employees who did not engage in any regular physical activity.


We have the facilities and expertise to deliver a challenging and enjoyable exercise regime, coupled with proven nutritional advice, to provide participants with the following benefits:
• Increased lean muscle mass and reduced body fat
• Improved cardiovascular capability
• Improved strength and flexibility
• Greater team cohesion

We can provide your business with a 3-4 week tailored fitness and wellbeing programme based on our highly successful ‘Ora Up’ model. Our programmes are delivered partly at our facility on Riverside Drive/Ewing Road and partly at your workplace premises (if convenient), at a cost of approximately $200 per head (depending on what options you choose) for a minimum of 10 participants.

Talk to us if you would like to discuss this opportunity to do your staff and your business some good. Email Dave Mullan at dmu@clmnz.co.nz or phone 09 430 4072.


*Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine:August 2011 - Volume 53 - Issue 8 - p 838–844