Powerhouse Classes


The Powerhouse has been developed for people who want to “empower” their personal fitness goals while enjoying a dynamic atmosphere and team culture. Something very different and definitely not ordinary!
We have an experienced and very diverse fitness team to deliver challenging, fun sessions that will get your endorphins racing….
What you get in the Powerhouse;

1.> High quality Olympic lifting gear & set up (Bars, bumper plates, weight stack trolleys)
2.> Big rig (suspension training gear & platforms around rig)
3.> Running track (astro turf with lanes and 5m distance lines, 2 x push/pull sledges)
4.> Boxing gear from “NZ Boxer” (gloves, pads, bags, wrecking balls, roller slide rail for bags to move away)
5.> Battle ropes and 3 x ropes to ceiling
6.> Polar heart rate monitors and fitness app, TV for fitness monitoring
7.> Extra dry changing room and locker space for both females and males
8.> More cardio gear and weight machines
9.> Last but not lest a fitness team truly passionate about their gym members having fun and reaching their fitness goals


The Powerhouse Team Training timetable operates season to season. Each season will run for approximately 10 – 12 weeks. Each season will bring different challenges and fitness components. Each season we will look to bring three very cool things to the power house:

1.> “End of season smash up” 90 min fitness challenge involving all aspects of all power house classes – Party afterwards.
The power house program cost is only a third of our competitor’s which is absolute great value! We have many payment options:
2.> Power up your membership (great for those able to get to lots of classes)
3.> Concession card (affordable way to pay if busy and can’t make many classes)
4.> Casual (only every now and then)


With all this in mind, CLM The Bays POWERHOUSE Team invite you all to try this authentic, inspiring and very fun space, especially our POWERHOUSE classes. You will not be disappointed!!! Book in on our fitness app today and revolutionize how you train and EMPTY THE TANK!