The Powerhouse has been developed for people who want to “empower” their personal fitness goals while enjoying a dynamic atmosphere and team culture. Something very different and definitely not ordinary!

What you get in the Powerhouse;

  • High quality Olympic lifting gear & set up (Bars, bumper plates, weight stack trolleys)
  • Big rig (suspension training gear & platforms around rig)
  • Running track (astro turf with lanes and 5m distance lines, 2 x push/pull sledges)
  • Boxing gear from “NZ Boxer” (gloves, pads, bags, wrecking balls, roller slide rail for bags to move away)
  • Battle ropes and 3 x ropes to ceiling
  • Polar heart rate monitors and fitness app, TV for fitness monitoring
  • Extra dry changing room and locker space for both females and males
  • More cardio gear and weight machines
  • Last but not least a fitness team truly passionate about their gym members having fun and reaching their fitness goals.