Business House Relay 2016 runs from 12th of June to 28th of July 2017

The Business House Relay 2016 is a timed competition  where each workplace team of 4 swims a 4 X 100m relay on a weekly basis. You will be competing against other workplace teams and yourselves to win some fantastic prizes.

The rules are in place to ensure a fair and enjoyable contest for everyone.

  • Payment of the registration fee entitles team members to unlimited use of the pools, spa pool, sauna, and steam room for training or leisure for the duration of the contest. Please present your member card.
  • Four swimmers per team plus 1 reserve. If you cannot find 4 swimmers in your workplace, please contact the organizer to arrange a composite team.
  •  Your team must book a day and time on a weekly basis to complete your timed swim. Relays can be completed at any of the participating CLM facilities.
  • Every member on your team must swim 100m consecutively. The distance must be swum - any stroke can be used. The distance cannot be run or walked. Dive starts and in water starts are permitted. No flippers or other propulsion aides are permitted.
  • Each team must complete 1 timed relay swim for 6 of the 7 weeks of the contest.  A team’s fastest 6 swims count for their total in the contest.
  •  Your race time form must be completed and signed by your team captain and pool staff after each of your team swims.
  • The same 4 members must complete all 7 relays. The exception is that if a team member is absent in a particular week, the nominated reserve may swim. If a team uses a swimmer who is not on their registration form the team will not be eligible for a placing in the contest.