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Joe Griffin awarded NZRA 2018 fellowship

30 October 2018

Joe Griffin awarded NZRA 2018 fellowship

The award of Fellow of the New Zealand Recreation Association is granted to members who are regarded as having made a significant contribution to the purpose, aims and work of NZRA. The award calls for an outstanding and sustained contribution. 

Joe has been working in the recreation industry for 36 years and is greatly admired and looked up to by all who have worked with him, met him and heard of him. His knowledge, skills and abilities in facility management have been repeatedly demonstrated both nationally and internationally and his advice and opinions are frequently sought on recreation facility matters.

Joe holds a BA majoring in Psychology and Education and a Diploma in Community Development. He has been a member of NZRA since its inception and a member of its antecedent recreation organisations and played an active role for the Auckland/Northern Region for a number of years.

Joe has always been a great believer in effective facility management and the need to get people in the door to really see what is on offer. Arguably the father of competitive facility management in New Zealand and co-founder of CLM.

Everyone at CLM is especially proud of Joe's achievement!