Coaching Corner

Our Community Coaching Programmes are aligned with the NZ Sport & Recreation pathway and delivered in conjunction with the Aktive Coaching & Talent Development Unit. We focus on the Foundation and Development coaching modules. These programmes include 

Growing Coaches 

Growing Coaches is a cross-code coach development programme for secondary school students who want to coach sport at schools (secondary, primary, intermediate) or within clubs. You will learn about the coaching process, experience fun sports activities and learn new techniques that will provide you with the foundation to run your own coaching sessions. Ask questions, make contacts, listen, learn and share your own thoughts as you begin your journey as a coach. Find out more about Growing Coches here 

Good Sports 

Good Sports aims to create positive sporting experiences for Kiwi kids by supporting and educating the key adult influencers in children’s sport: parents, coaches, teachers and sport leaders. Both practitioners and researchers supporting Good Sports agree that issues in children’s sport, such as poor side-line behaviour, early onset of overuse injury, burnout and disaffection with sport, stem from adult involvement in children’s sport and can ultimately hinder success on and off the field. To address these issues and give Kiwi kids the greatest chance of developing a lifelong love of sport, just as you may do, Good Sports believes we need to raise adults’ awareness about their behaviours in children’s sport, and if necessary promote a positive shift in that behaviour. Find out more about Good Sports here 

Coach Evolve 

As trends, techniques and advances in sport and fitness evolve, you should too. Coach Evolve is a generic cross-code coach development programme available to selected Development Coaches and aims to improve the quality of coaches working with players in clubs, schools and the community. On this programme you’ll learn about leading safe, effective and fun sessions that your players will love. You will explore the latest in teaching and learning, technology, stages of development and motivation through interactive workshops and forums. We aim for you to walk away with the tools you need to deliver life-changing sports experiences in every session you run. Find out more about Coach Evolve here 


Activate the TLC framework in your community and foster the development of behaviours that produce extraordinary results in sport, school and life for your students. This framework is available to help shape your respective sports programmes. This will provide your school with the tools to help your players and coaches better understand themselves. In doing so, your sports leaders and coaches will be able to run quality sports programmes built on the core TLC values and principles that will unlock the potential within your environment. Find out more about TLC here 


To find out more about any of our coaching programmes contact: 

Jason McIntosh-Kerr
Coaching and Talent Development Manager