KiwiSport Key Information Guide


Counties Manukau KiwiSport Funding is administered and distributed by Aktive - Auckland Sport & Recreation (Aktive) and CLM Community Sport. In the 2017/2018 financial year, $868,568.77 is available to be distributed on a contestable basis, into the Counties Manukau area. This funding will be distributed through two contestable funds:

This investment is to support local, regional and/or national sport organisations or community groups for projects or initiatives that can provide new or increased opportunities for children aged 5-18 years old to participate in organised sport in the Counties Manukau area.


Based on local community consultation with Counties Manukau sports club representatives, primary and secondary school representatives (principals, teachers), regional and local Regional Sport Organisation staff and other service providers, e.g. Kelly Sport and Youth Town, the following Local Priorities for KiwiSport funding to be targeted at in the Counties Manukau community were identified:

  • Low cost opportunities for sport
  • Local or cluster delivery to avoid transport costs
  • Increase club/school links
  • Coaching - recruitment, retention and development
  • Training of volunteers
  • Funding opportunities for emerging sports versus targeted and traditional sports

Applicants to the respective Counties Manukau Local Community Fund and Fast Fund need to demonstrate how they intend to meet one or more of the above Local Priorities.

Key Information