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Mental Health and Safety during Covid 19.

13 May 2020

Mental Health and Safety during Covid 19.

Mental Health and Safety during Covid 19.

As Club or Sports leaders you can have a direct impact on the welfare and wellbeing of your members, volunteers and staff. This is a time of increased pressure and stress for all New Zealanders. Many will have anxiety around ‘Return to Play’ or additional stress brought on by hardship or financial matters. We need to prioritise mental wellbeing so we can make good decisions, manage additional stress and distress, and prepare ourselvesfor what’s to come.

Common causes of stress among members:

• Catching or spreading COVID-19.
• Finances - will I get paid? Is my job secure?
• Can I feed my bubble?
• Work and home conflict.
• Loss of extended supports.
• Feelings around isolation and redefining connections to various communities including sports.

Impact of COVID-19 on our mental health:

To protect mental health we need to do two main things:
• Reduce risk factors
• Increase protective factors

It’s really important right now to ensure your members and volunteers feel safe, have support and can do things to boost their mental wellbeing.

To feel safe they need to have supportive environments to help them get through the tough times. Often these are practical solutions or answers to the questions or worries they have regarding hygiene and

Alert Level Procedures.

For volunteers and staff It’s important to have a clear understanding of roles, expectations and access to information. Ultimately, it’s the combination of having a safe and supportive environment which leads to boosted mental wellbeing and resilience.

For more information on support for those in your sports organisation that you feel may be suffering from Mental Health, Click HERE