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Papakura City Football club visits Papakura High School

13 November 2019

Papakura City Football club visits Papakura High School


People who know me well, are well aware of my ability to let's say, but I was truly amazed and speechless at not only the reception I received but more so the farewell as my 4 weeks drew to a close. Papakura High School, for all you may have read in the past, or what you think you may know, is now much more, it is much, much more. Through those gates are a sense of cultural richness, respect and Aroha. Yes, kids will be kids, but I think we forget sometimes that's just what they are.
It was an absolute pleasure to deliver the sport of football, that I enjoy on behalf of the club I love, make new friendships and encourage our local teenagers to laugh and engage in a truly beautifully safe environment. From Jason and his team to John the Principal you get the feeling of genuine sincerity.
Why I am writing this short article, well its simple. I challenge other clubs and sporting codes to reach out to our teenagers, they simply just do not disappear as most sporting statistics will tell you, they are all alive and well, and have a huge a desire to learn and participate, It is simply this, we coaches and administrators need to adjust to a changing landscape. Go and engage them. If you help one person, you're winning, engage 30 people you start shaping a community.

Big Thanks to Kieran Nevey from Auckland Football for the amazing prizes, Jason Borland for the opportunity, CLM for introducing me back into Papakura High, the Kura Connect members and my Family for simply understanding.

Can't wait to return with our vision and plan for term one.

David (Davey) Johnson
Community Liaison.
Papakura City Football Club