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Sport New Zealand’s Connections Conference delivers on its key theme.

20 September 2018

Sport New Zealand’s Connections Conference delivers on its key theme.

Sport NZ’s Connections Conference provides the opportunity for sport and recreation professionals from across the country to network and connect with like minded individuals that are passionate about the industry. At the 2018 addition of the annual conference Macey Andrews a young woman from Papakura shared her experience of being a young woman that is interested in sport and detailed the challenges and barriers (particularly financial) that were in place for young woman who wanted to play and compete in sport they love.

CLM CEO Craig Carter connected with Macey at the conference and on returning to Auckland linked her up with the CLM managed Massey Park Pools, who subsequently offered her a job in the Chill Out kids Programme. Macey is now a regular on the team, working after school and shares her experiences and future plans below:

What do you enjoy about working at Massey Park?
The kids keep you moving on your feet and they can be challenging which is great as it keeps you excited. The children have rules in place which is great as they already know the expectations
What are your plans for after school?
Studying at AUT doing a joint major in Sport Management and Sport Exercise Science
Are you currently playing any sport?
Yes I’m playing NZ Maori netball
Did you enjoy Sport NZ conference?
Yes I learned a lot of stuff, pro’s and cons of being a young woman in sport. Learnt plenty, met some good people and got to meet Craig which led to me getting a job
Any advice for young people in your local community?
Take any opportunity that comes your way. Finding opportunities that don’t involve money, because when money is involved barriers are in put in place.

A significant delivery partner for The Auckland Approach to Community Sport in Counties Manukau, CLM Community Sport’s focus is to promote better lives and futures for individuals and communities through physical activity and community engagement.