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The Aunties – Pacific Womens Health & Well-being Programme.

23 June 2020

The Aunties – Pacific Womens Health & Well-being Programme.

Programme started as “Pilot” in April 2019 for Pacific Women Activating, Anyhow, Anytime, Anywhere.

2020 has seen new Aunties join the programme. A second 12 Week Challenge started in Feb and ran through to 12th May. Staying motivated to continue the activations during “lockdown” was challenging for some of the Aunties, but many found activating together with family members, going for walks, and completing weekly challenges helped.

A “21 Day Maintenance” followed the “12 Week Challenge” and saw new Aunties joining during the Maintenance as a lead into the next “Aunties Challenge”.
A nutrition goal was also part of the 21 Day Maintenance with some reducing sugar and carbohydrate intake. Two Aunties enrolled onto the Pacific Community Nutrition Course and both found the course to be very useful raising the awareness with food preparation and product label reading and this a useful tool to share not only to other Aunties but also to their own families.

40 Women registered for this round with ages ranging from 20 to 60 plus. Activating at their own pace was a comment from one of the Aunties, and not being restricted to a group fitness structured setting. Doing it together and doing it the Aunties way is what keeps this group going also knowing that investing in themselves and spending time focusing on their own “Health and Wellbeing” has been a driver for this programme. Once all the hardwork is done being able to come together to celebrate and acknowledging success and just enjoy each other’s company is another aspect of this programme that the Aunties enjoy