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Free Tots and Toddlers Trial Lesson

14 March 2016

Free Tots and Toddlers Trial Lesson

On the last Thursday of every month (during the school term) we hold a free Tots and Toddlers class for Children aged 5 months up to 3 years.

A parent is required in the water at all times while in the class.

We start our babies from 5 months. By this stage most children will have begun to control their own heads and this allows us to teach them to become 'water ready'.  It is a great age to begin lessons as your child will still have retained most of the natural reflexes they were born with.  This means the child will be able to submerge safely and correctly.

 What to bring:

It is essentail that young children wear a 'little swimmer', which is avaible to purchase from reception or your local supermarket.  A swimsuit over top is not compulsory but it is advised.  Bring plenty of towels to dry yourself and baby as they get very wet from the transition from pool to changing room, so come prepared with a drink and snack.  It is a good idea to feed and drink at least an hour before the lesson.  This will minimise any spilling accidents in the pool and will help baby be more alert during the lesson.   Be aware that baby will be tired after the lesson due to the warmth of the water, movement and activities.