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Why Swim All Year Round

15 March 2016

Why Swim All Year Round

Swimming year-round is the best way to protect your child from the very real danger of the water that we have here in New Zealand.  Drowning is not only a summer danger.  Canals, open water, bathtubs and even covered swimming pools can be hazards; but year-round swimming is so much more than preventative medicine.

Scientific studies of infant swimming have shown that the early stimulation develops the child in three key ways - physically, mentally and emotionally.  The muscles developed in a process similar to physical therapy enabled the children to excel at all physical activities not limited to swimming.  The children also scored higher in school.  Emotionally, children who swim year-round were found to be more self-disciplined and to have motivation and confidence to succeed.

Children who swim year-round are less likely to become ill than those with a less active lifestyle.  Hairdryers, warm clothing, and caps can prevent colds.  Swimming never causes inner ear infections, and swimmer's ear (outer ear infections) can be easily prevented by thoroughly drying the ears.


Remember the safety of your children. Swimming is the ONLY sport likely to save their lives someday.  So swim all year-round from infant up and reap the benefits.