Adults Programme

SwimMagic Adult Lessons

Lido SwimMagic offer Adult lessons for all differrent levels. Classes range from Introduction Level that is more for adults who are not confident in the water and want to gain the basic skills of learning how to swim through to the Advanced Level where you are working on technique in different swimming strokes. Lido SwimMagic offer Women and Male only classes as well as Mixed classes. There are a variety of days and times available. Adult lessons are available for people aged from 13 years and up.

The Term fee includes your 30-45 minute lesson and free swims to come down and practice anytime during the week and weekend. This allows you the opportunity to come and practice what you learn in your lesson. 

Reasons to swim:

  • Life Saving Skills
  • Fun, Friendly and Relaxed Environment
  • Learn It All in Your Own Pace
  • Great Fitness- Low impact on Your Body
  • Great for Adults that suffer from Asthma

Adult Classes

  • Introduction- Submersion, Push, Glide & Kick, Assisted Backstroke & Water Safety- Regaining Standing Position
  • Beginner- Rtation Kick, Freestyle Swim with Board, Backstroke Swim with Board, Water Safety- Assisted Treading Water
  • Intermediate- Freestyle Swim, Backstroke Swim, Introduction to Breaststroke, Water Safety- Treading Water
  • Advanced- Multiple Lengths Freestyle and Backstroke with Good Technique, Breastsroke & Butterfly Developement, Starts, turns & Finishes, Water Safety- 400m Swim Non Stop