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Bookings open Monday 9th December for 2020 lessons.

02 December 2019

Bookings open for 2020 lessons on Monday 9th December

From Tuesday 28th January 2020 SwimMagic will be changing from a term based structure to a year round model. This will mean that lessons will run all year round with a 1 week break during the April Holidays and a 5 week break over the Christmas Holidays. Lessons will run as normal through the July and October Holidays. During these 6 weeks all Debit Success payments will be automatically suspended. 

There are 2 different payment options;

1. Weekly direct debit

  • $17 per lesson per week
  • Automatic weekly payment contract set up through Debit Success
  • One off $10 admin fee 
  • 1 month minimum term agreement
  • Only 10 days notice to cancel
  • 2 weeks free suspension anytime during the year
  • Any additional suspensions $5 per lesson per week


2. Lump sum Payment

  • 12 weeks of lessons - $204 ($17 per lesson)
  • Enrol at anytime and lessons will finish after you have completed 12 weeks


Benefits of this structure:

  • As lessons run all year round learning is continuous and consistent, building from week to week instead of term to term.
  • As classes will now be continuous instead of term to term, there will be more security with bookings if you sign up to the weekly payment option as classes will be held until you wish to cancel.


Special Offers for customers who sign up on the weekly payment before Friday 24th January

  • Will receive a total of 4 weeks of free suspension to use in 2020.
  • No administration fee for new sign ups

All current Debit Success customers will receive the 4 weeks of free suspension in 2020 and will receive a letter in the next few weeks from Debit Success regarding the changes to the terms and conditions of their contract. As lessons will now run during the school holidays with the exception of the 6 weeks stated above, payments will therefore continue when lessons are running and be automatically suspended during the 6 week break.