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Under 3’s – LEVELS -Kori Hatchlings, Fledglings, Chicks and Super Chicks

25min lessons once a week. (Adult in the water with the child)

You are welcome to stay and enjoy the pool after your lesson. Remember you need to be in the water with your child and within arms reach. (ACC Supervision Rules 2013)

This program works on skills for the parent / caregiver, as well as the child to gain confidence moving – though, on and under the water. This is taught though songs and activities and works on water safety skills as well as motor and developmental skills including language, coordination and social skills. Classes develop through safe holds, floating, kicking, grabbing and paddling through to readiness for submersion with cue words and actions.

Super Chicks starts to prepare your little one for preschool lessons.  During these lessons the instructor may build independence by taking the swimmers, without the parents to establish listening, rules and safety, while continuing to develop the swimming and survival skiils - submersion, floating, kicking, paddling and back work.

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