SwimMagic FAQ

SwimMagic new structure - FAQ

How do I suspend my Direct Debit payments?  

Suspension forms will be available online to submit the dates you would like to suspend your payments for as these must be done one week in advance. You can suspend for a minimum of one week, maximum of four weeks per year. There will be no charge for the first and second week of suspension; following weeks will incur a $5 per lesson fee.  

For long term injuries / medical (ie broke bones, surgery), Direct Debit can be placed on hold, with medical evidence, at no charge – see you swim school for more information.

What happens with my Direct Debit payments over the Christmas and Easter breaks?

Over this period an automatic suspension will be placed on your contract at no charge and reactivated upon commencement of lessons.

Can I suspend my lump sum payment?

This payment method is a commitment to a consecutive 12 weeks of lessons. Therefore there is no suspension available.

What happens if my child misses a lesson?

If your child misses a lesson due to medical reasons and a medical certificate is provided the missed lessons will be honoured.

Will lessons run in the school holidays?

Yes, the lesson day and time remains the same. The only exception will be the 1 week break in the April Holidays and a 5 week break over Christmas. 

What happens if we are away or unable to swim during the school holidays?

Direct Debit clients can request a suspension of their weekly payment.

How do I re-enrol on a lump sum payment?

Contact will be made two weeks prior to the expiry of your 12 week swimming block. Payment is required upon booking to secure your space. If payment is not made then the class space is not secure.

Will you still run holiday intensive lessons?

Yes, there will still be the option of booking in for the holiday intensive lessons. Please see swim school staff to enquire further.