PAUSE & RECONNECT: A Mind-Body Wellness Programme



Be part of our exclusive 6-week programme to learn more about yourself, your body and help you feel better physically and mentally. 

During our 6-week online programme ($20 to have access to it) starting from March 2nd, we will share daily content (short yoga and Pilates exercise videos, explanations, relaxation, nutrition advice etc.) to help you go through your own Wellness journey. 

Being part of our online programme ONLY is definitely possible and an amazing option too if you can't make it to classes.

For the occasion and to enhance your experience through this journey, we will be running special classes for 6 weeks:

- Restorative Yoga, Monday 6.10am (from March 2nd)

- Fusion Pilates, Saturday 7.10am (from March 7th) 

* $12 per class for Online Programme participants. We also offer 4x sessions: $40 and 8 sessions: $72

($20 casual entry available if you are not part of the Online Programme)

Participants per class will be very limited (9 participants per class max) and booking will be compulsory. A "Pay to book" system will be in place so you can secure your spots for classes you would like to attend.


CLICK HERE if you have any questions. Fill out the form and we will be in touch with you.