RPM - Booking System


When you participate in a RPM class:

- Before you go set up, come to the front desk of the gym to ask for a "RPM token". If you booked a bike before class, tell us your name as you collect it so you can get the one that has been put aside especially for you. If you don’t have a token, please do not be offended when the instructor asks you to collect one.

- Simply clip your token onto any bike, and you are good to go (if you are unsure on how to do it, ask your Instructor before class starts).

- At the end of the class, leave your token on the bike, your Instructor will collect them.

These new tokens will help improve our booking system. If you book a bike for a class, we will ensure that one will be put aside for you to guarantee you a bike.

To make if fair to everyone: If you booked a bike and you are not on the gym floor when class starts, your booking will drop and your bike will be available to anyone (if someone is waiting for one). If you are doing a class beforehand, simply advise the gym staff upstairs so that we know that you are around. If you think you might not arrive early enough for class, call us to let us know as well (but be mindful that for safety reasons, access to class might be prohibited if class has started for a few minutes).

To book a bike, come to our front desk, send us an email (otfc@clmnz.co.nz) or call us on 092768207.

Enjoy your ride!