Now you can get the best of both worlds with our 

swim + gym membership 

For just an extra $6.00 per week on top of gym membership price you can get unlimited swimming, spa, suana and steam room at Massey Park Pools


Where you don't need to be young, fit or slim to start and you don't need designer clothes!

Our centre combines a fun, friendly approach with the most up-to-date equipment and knowledge on fitness programming available. We include free fitness and nutritional advice with your membership!

We can give your lifestyle the healthy kick that you are after!

Our fitness centre membership includes:

  • Regular consultations with your trainer to set goals, undertake fitness testing and programme development
  • Free sessions with your trainer and your new personalised programme
  • Regular 5 -6 weekly re-assessments with your trainer to develop new programmes - keep the changes coming and beat the boredom.
  • Unlimited group fitness classes

Swim & Gym Membership

All the benefits of your gym membership PLUS unlimited swimming, spa, sauna and steam room at Massey Park Pool. 

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We are NOW 24/7

Book in for your orientation tour, complete a waiver form, Take your photo and pay a one off $20 at reception to access 24/7 gym