Legends Gym for those on the better side of 50!

It's Fun....It's Social....and best of all....You'll Feel Good!

There are so many reasons why both weight training and aerobic exercise are so important as we age and I am sure that you have heard these reasons many times. Aside from a stronger and healthier you, it is also shown to aid in preventing dementia and other neurological illnesses; you will have more energy to keep doing what you have always done physically, in other words active body = active mind.

But best of all you know what? It helps you "Feel Good" and who doesn't want that.

The Legends gym programme is fun as well and includes a cup of tea or coffee after your session where you can relax and have a laugh with your team mates.

Classes are Tuesdays and Fridays from 10:00am to 11:00am and you will be well guided and looked after by Alan your Trainer (a Legend in truth) as you progress through your training session.

You are not limited to just those times and classes, your membership gives you full access to the gym and all classes during our opening hours.

You don't have to committ to a long membership; just $5.00 casual or if you would like unlimited access to the gym at times that suit you it is just $11 per week and includes all classes.

To join today simply click on the link below and scroll down to find our Legends No Fixed Term membership option.



Give us a call or pop along and try out your first session for free.

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