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10 for $10

30 August 2019

10 for $10

$10 for the first 10 weeks 

Why do you want to join a gym ?


In as little as 10 weeks you can literally transform your health and body image to a level you never imagined so we have the perfect membership option for the first step on your lifestyle change.

Your membership includes:

  • Initial consultation with your trainer to really get down to the reasons you have joined the gym - What do you want?
  • Your personalised programme and gym session with your trainer
  • A second gym session with your trainer just in case you forgot something the first time
  • Regular 4 - 6 weekly reassessments with your trainer to track your progress and to develop your new programme
  • All group fitness classes (with the exclusion of REV which has a $5 member cost)
  • Stadium use when there are no other bookings

If you know your why - get started by clicking on the link to join now and our staff will be in touch.