Parnell Baths - NZ Landmark

Parnell Baths swimwear 1920Photo of people in 1920's swimming costumes taken at centennial celebrations of Auckland swimming pools Parnel Baths and Tepid Baths.

The development of the historical Parnell sea salt water swimming baths dates back to 1880's. Over the years, Parnell Baths has encouraged sea swimming in the Auckland community.

Parnell Baths was amongst the new buildings established during the early 1900's that were thought suitable for a sophisticated and civilised city. Parnell Baths has become nationally known as Auckland's premiere outdoor public swimming facility, providing the perfect location for a hot 'Kiwi' summer's day.

March 1915 - Parnell Baths first summer season

Parnell Baths opened for the very first summer season of 1914-1915. The early beginning of what is now a New Zealand historical landmark.

Early 1920's- Summers day best spent

Parnell Baths developed over the years as recognition of the site grew in the Auckland community. Parnell Baths became renowned as the place to be on a hot summers day.









1922- Adult sea swimming becomes the new trend

Parnell Baths encouraged sea swimming amongst adults, the waterslide provided innovative fun and entertainment.


1927 - Tide's out

Parnell Baths with Judges Bay and the railway line. With the tide out the pool looks a little short of patrons. 

PAB 1927b









1970's - Redevelopment awarded gold medal

The first salt water baths were built on the site in Judge's Bay in 1914 by Auckland City Council. Improvements and modifications were made until the 1940's. A major redevelopment of the Parnell Baths was undertaken in the 1950's, creating a Lido atmosphere - a glamorous seafront bathing resort. The Auckland City Council's Architects Office was awarded a gold medal by New Zealand Institute of Architects in 1958. This photo proves the redevelopment was popular some 20 years later.

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