Are all Under 16's free entry?

Anyone living within Auckland Council Boundaries and under 16 years old is entitled to FREE CASUAL ENTRY - conditions apply if under 16's come through as part of a group booking.

Can T-shirts or singlets be worn in the pool?

We do not allow any COTTON t-shirts/singlets to be worn in the pool mainly for health and safety reasons as cotton becomes very heavy in water.  

Can I bring in food?

We allow customers to bring in an individual packed lunch per person or fabulous Beagle Cafe onsite sells a wide range of food, drinks and other goodies.  Please note that we DO NOT allow commercially prepared food to be brought into the centre e.g Pizza, KFC, Fish n Chips etc.  There is also a BBQ facility available for hire through the Beagle Cafe.  Feel free to contact Mary on parnellbathscafe@icloud.com.

Is Alcohol and Smoking allowed?

We DO NOT allow alcohol into the centre - this also includes the car park area.  All surrounding areas have a liquor ban in place.  There is also NO Smoking in our facility, please note that this includes the use of vapes.