Facility Bookings

Hire Areas: All Prices are per hour with a minimum hire period of 3 hours


Area #1 - The Large Area - HUGE grassed area on the far side of the facility. Great for Xmas Party functions for groups over 100 people. Comes with 4 large picnic tables and has a large umbrella in the area.  $100.00
Area #2 - The Medium Area - a large grass area beside the volley ball court. Great for birthday and family functions for groups up to 80 people. Comes with 2 large picnic tables and is well sheltered by trees. $45.00
Area #3 - The Medium Area - Great for Birthdays and other functions. Located in between the spa pool and playground, comes with 2 large picnic tables and also has a large umbrella in the middle of the area.  $45.00
Area #4 - The Small Area - a grass area ideal for family occasions and birthdays. Located between the spa and the cafe. comes with 2 picnic tables and a large umbrella. $40.00
Area #5 - The Covered Area - A covered area at the rear of the facility near the BBQs, comes with 2 large picnic tables $30.00
Table Hire - Movable picnic table 6-8 seaters.  $25.00 Per Day

BBQ Hire:

30 mins                            $20.00
60 mins $35.00

Pool Space Hire:

Lane Hire - per hour            $25.00
Dive Pool Hire - per hour $50.00
 Aqua Run Hire - per hour  $50.00

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