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Give a life saving skill to those in need with SwimMagic

16 November 2018

Give a life saving skill to those in need with SwimMagic

Give a little… our regions kids can get a lot.

SwimMagic see the need in our community to assist those who may not be able to afford Swim Lessons for their children. 

Your buisness may choose the recipients of the sponsored lessons, they msut meet the criteria of being new swimmers with SwimMagic.  SwimMagic can also choose the recipients for your buisness through a nomination process from local organisation. 

We have the opportunity for local businesses or organisations to sponsor in conjunction with SwimMagic some of these children the opportunity to learn to swim and be safe in, on and around the water.

SwimMagic will match $ for $ for each child enrolled into lessons.

For example…Your business sponsors 10 children for 1 term of lessons each - your buisness will only pay for half the cost of the lessons 

Example: (10 lessons over 10 weeks) = $170 x 10 children  = $1700

  • Cost to business - $850 per term
  • SwimMagic cost - $850 per term

You may choose how many terms you wish to sponsor children, choose from 1 – 4 terms per year. SwimMagic recommends children learn to swim all year round to receive the full benefits of the programme.

Included your business will

  • Be listed on our website as a sponsor of learn to swim in Nelson/Tasman.
  • Have an allocated advertising spot in the Richmond Aquatic Centre on our digital screens at reception and in the fitness centre, we have over 6000 visitors through our facility per week.
  • Have the opportunity to add advertising to our SwimMagic welcome packs.
  • Be promoted on our Social media pages & in our Newsletters.
  • Be given access to prizes/giveaways and offers for your business.
  • Be offered Corporate membership pricing for your employees or organisation members to use the facilities including the pool and gym.
  • Receive updates on the children sponsored by you through the programme.
  • Invitation to celebrate the successes at the end of the term.


If you are interested in being part of this opportunity please fill out our online form here and our team will be in touch, or you can contact Lisa at or Crystal at