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Playing it safe at level 2!

12 May 2020

Playing it safe at level 2!

The Governments announcements around life at level 2 has further excited our team that we are one step closer to reopening. Like many of you, we cannot wait to get back out doing the things that we love.

In welcoming you back, you might notice a few changes in the way we operate. Please know this will be done with everyone’s health and safety at the forefront of our minds.

Richmond Aquatic Centre at Level 2. (updated 124/05/2020)

  • Facility opening –14/05/2020

Services closed or amended

  • Sauna closed
  • Leisure pool open for aqua jogging and lane swimming only. Please refer to our lane guide prior to your visit as at times lane space will be limited - see below for the link.
  • Hydrotherapy pool open for programmes and hydrotherapy users only – Please see the timetable for availability - see below for the link.
  • Spas open 4 people each spa (Family Spa is currently closed for maintenance)
  • Tots pool closed
  • Early closure on Friday nights (7 pm) No Wave Rave
  • click here - SwimMagic at level 2
  • click here - Fitness at level 2
  • click here- Chill Out at level 2
  • Click here to view all information on Group Fitness & Aqua Classes
  • Click here to visit the pool & lane availability page
  • Group fitness class’s capacity reduced to 10. Bookings required and class limits will apply, more information to come, please join our Facebook Group Here to stay updated.
  • There will be some slight timetable changes, please check the website timetable to view classes.
  • Aqua Aerobics class’s capacity also reduced. 10 Per each Class 
  • Aqua classes will resume from Monday 18th May
  • Some pools may initially be colder than normal
  • General considerations for customers

    • Customers should consider changing into swimming gear at home prior to entering the facility
    • Customers should consider showering at home after your swim
    • Changing rooms are open and available but consider limiting use where possible
    • Customers to be advised to wash towels/togs/bag in hot water/laundry powder immediately after training.


    Lane swimming

    • Enter lanes depending on your ability – lanes signs identify ability
    • Do not stay at the end of a lane for more than 30 seconds
    • Keep 1m distance from anyone else while at the end of each lane
    • When swimming be patient of slower swimmers in front of you
    • Slower swimmers must stop at the end of each lane and let faster swimmers past
    • No underwater swimming longer than 15 metres.
    • Min 5 sec gap between swimmers to ensure min 1m separation.
    • No poolside warm-up or gatherings
    • Coaches maintain distancing during training, 2 coaches max per team
    • No spectators or non-players to attend training

Programme FAQ’s 

CLM Health and Fitness

What happens if I’m paying my Membership by Direct Debit?

Your membership payments will automatically restart upon reopening. Please note: You may notice that your first debit might be a pro-rata (part payment) amount depending on which day your debit occurs.

What if I paid for an upfront Membership/Visit Pass?

All Upfront/Visit Passes will have the equivalent number of days that the facility was closed added to their original expiry dates.

Will you let us know of any updates?

Absolutely, please check back to our websites and social media platforms for all updates on the current situation.

SwimMagic Swim School

What happens if I’m paying my lessons by Direct Debit through Debit Success?

All direct debit payments will restart when we reopen with the exception of customers who made a payment on the week we closed but did not receive a lesson, these customers will have an extra week of suspension.

What if I paid for lessons by lump sum?

All missed lessons will be rescheduled to start from the date we reopen and continue for the number of weeks you have missed. Unless we contact you in advance class days and times will be the same as they were before the lockdown closure.

How will I know if there have been changes to my classes?

The swim school will notify you through email before the lessons restart if changes have been made to your class time.

Chill Out Programmes

When can I book back in for Chill Out?

Please head to all term dates will be listed.

What if I have a credit from my previous bookings?

This can be applied when making a new booking.

What about my previous Debit Success booking?

All previous Direct Debit bookings have been cancelled. You can set up a new one for Term 2 bookings.

I am a WINZ customer, can I book my child in for next week although my forms haven’t been filled in yet?

Please remember a $20 deposit per child is needed for an approved booking. All WINZ forms can be completed on the first day back with the Chill Out Coordinator.

Please keep checking this page, we will update continually as services and programming may change over the coming weeks.