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Summer Series Day Raves

11 November 2019

Summer Series Day Raves

Come along and join us for some School Holiday fun at the Richmond Aquatic Centre with our Summer Series Day Raves...Our friends over at Nayland will also be running similar events to make sure you check out their Facebook page too!

  • Outdoor Games & Inflatables
  • Pool Inflatables
  • Aqua Run
  • Dunk Tank
  • Bomb Comp
  • Games & Prizes
  • BYO Water Gun
  • BBQ

When: Wednesday 15th January

Time: 10am - 1pm

Cost: $7 per person

We want you to have a fantastic time at our facility every time you visit. Part of this is ensuring you and your families safety. We are proud to be a POOLSAFE awarded facility and follow the Pool Alone Policy.

Please help us keep your children safe at our facility by following these simple rules:
The Richmond Aquatic Centre endorses NZ standards for the industry and the aquatic code of practice. It is the policy of Richmond Aquatic Centre that children:

Under 8 years must be actively supervised by a caregiver who is 16 years old or over at all times.

Under 5 years must be within arms reach of their caregiver who is 16 years old or over at all times and both under 5 and their caregiver must wear a red wristband supplied by centre staff.

ACTIVELY SUPERVISED means: Watching your child at all times and be able to provide immediate assistance.