School Age Learn to Swim



SwimMagic Learn to Swim Programme

 At SwimMagic, our School age ‘Learn to Swim' programme is broken down into 5 levels, a common theme runs throughout, and that is doing the basics, and doing the basics very well. On entry into the programme we will assess your child based on their ability to achieve these basic skills.

In referring to ‘basic skills' we are referring to the key skills necessary for your child to be able to swim, and swim well enough should they find themselves in difficulty in the water. I.e. testing their understanding of body position in the water, their ability to glide, their ability to kick while maintaining body position etc.

On placement into the programme your child will develop the key skills necessary to achieve, making sure that at the appropriate stage in your child's development, they are being introduced to the correct new skills that will see them developing as swimmers.


When's a good time to start swimming lessons?

 Now is a great time to start! We have a level suitable for every child, so don't hesitate to contact our SwimMagic team. See below for level goals and how to enroll.


What level is my child?

To find the most suitable level for your child, dive on in or phone our SwimMagic Team on 543 9755. For a full description of levels please click here. If we are unable to assess your child over the phone we will arrange for time for a free assessment to see their swimming skills.

Please note these are skills we are working at that level and they will need to achieve all the goals before progressing on to the next level.



How do I enroll?

You can enroll anytime by diving on in to the Richmond Aquatic Centre or giving our SwimMagic team a call on 543 9755. You can also email us on  

About our Instructors

Our team of instructors are chosen for their passion for swimming and working with children. They are trained using SwimMagics National Training Programme and qualified through AustSwim and Swimming New Zealand. They are required to complete progression training and shadowing hours.

If swim teaching interests you as a career and you would like to join our award-winning SwimMagic team, then dive on in or phone the SwimMagic office on 543 9755 for a chat.