Lane Space


Riverside Pool is a 30m community swimming pool catering to users of all ages and abilities, including members of the public, children and schools. Due to the diversity and variety of it's users, it may become busy at times. If you would like to check pool availability before your visit, please call us on (03) 546 3221


  • The ROPE SWING will be out every weekend between 2.30 and 3.30pm
  • The ROPE SWING will be out every day during the holidays between 2.30 and 3.30pm (Normally uses 4 lanes)

PLEASE NOTE - There may be extra one-off bookings or unforseen changes which are not detailed on these timetables. If in doubt, please call us on (03) 546 3221 to check.

Pool staff reserve the right to modify the pool layout if it better suits the conditions on the day.


Please be aware that there will be VERY LIMITED/NO Lane swimming space between the hours of 4pm-5pm on WEEKDAYS (Mon-Fri) during school term time due to Learn to Swim programmes, squad swimming and kids' play time. We suggest avoiding these times if you wish to swim lanes. Thanks for your understanding whilst we strive to accomodate all of our users!


Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for more info!