Structure and Pricing

The SwimMagic Swim School at Rotorua Aquatic Centre will be running year round perpetual lessons for 48 weeks of the year with a 3 week break over Christmas and a 1 week break at Easter. Lessons will run as normal through the July and October holidays. Students will be assessed every 4 weeks and can move up a level whenever they are ready.

The 48 weeks of lessons will be divided into 4 x 12 week blocks where you can choose to pay by lump sum or by an easy weekly direct debit. The only customers who will be required to re-enrol will be customers paying by lump sum as direct debit customers will continue until they choose to cancel their direct debit.


Payment Options:

1. Weekly direct debit

  • $12 per lesson per week
  • Automatic weekly payment contract set up through Debit Success
  • 1 month minimum term agreement
  • Only 10 days notice to cancel
  • 2 weeks free suspension anytime during the year
  • Any additional suspensions $5 per lesson per week


 2. Lump sum Payment

  • 12 week block of lessons - $144.00 ($12 per lesson)


Benefits of this structure:

  • As lessons run all year round learning is continuous and consistent, building from week to week instead of term to term.
  • As classes will now be continuous instead of term to term, there will be more security with bookings as classes will be held until you wish to cancel.


If you have any questions please contact our SwimMagic team on 07 348 8833 or email our SwimMagic Swim School