Lane and/or Pool Hire

Lane Hire

If you want to organise a swim training session, we can hire out swim lanes in either our competition or wave pools. 

Lane hire is charged at $17.50 per lane per hour, plus the cost of admission for coaches/trainers, swimmers who will be using the lane(s) and any spectators. A maximum of 8 swimmers can use a lane at any one time. Regular hirers use this form.

Pool Hire

We can also hire out whole pools for special requirements such as swim carnivals (competition or wave pool), for specialised training requirements (teaching, hydrotherapy or dive pool), or for fundraising or social events, subject to availability, public convenience and adequate notice. 

Indoor Pool during Opening Hours $220.00 Per Hour
Indoor Pool outside Opening Hours $137.50 Per Hour
Wave Pool outside Opening Hours $275.00 Per Hour
Teaching Pool $49.50 Per Hour
Hydrotherapy Pool $49.50 Per Hour
Dive Pool $49.50 Per Hour
Hydroslides $49.50 Per Hour
Full Aquatic Facilities - Any time $385.00 Per Hour
Additional Lifeguard Services $27.50 Per Hour