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Whangarei Aquatic Centre is proud to be a vibrant community hub. With our pools, our fitness and leisure centres and our cafe we are happy to host family groups, sports groups, training athletes, seniors, disabled and rehabilitating patrons and those just looking for enjoyment and a place to meet. 


We have several ways we try to give back to the community by assisting schools, community groups and sports teams.

  1. We can provide vouchers that can be used for raffles or spot prizes to help your fundraising efforts.
  2. We can run a 'Wave Raiser' - a party in our wave pool with competitions, games and music: you sell the tickets and we split the proceeds 50/50. You can raise up to $1,000 for your cause, provided it complies with our criteria.
  3. We can provide sponsorship (in the form of subsidised memberships) for athletes or teams to help them reach their goals.
  4. We can assist sport teams trying to fundraise for events - if our vouchers or Wave Raisers don't hit the spot, talk to us about other ideas.
  5. We have what we call a 'health pathway' to assist people who would benefit by having structured exercise but, through no fault of their own, can't afford a membership. We can look at subsidising a membership in exchange for some contra service that would benefit our centre or the community.

For fundraising enquiries (1 & 2), please complete our fundraising enquiry form.

For team or athlete sponsorship enquiries, or for health pathway enquiries (3, 4 & 5), please complete our sponsorship enquiry form.


Our aim is to put leisure into your life, and more life into your leisure.