Group Fitness

Why Group Fitness?

Group Fitness gives you the motivational benefits of a Personal Trainer at a fraction of the cost. Join in a 50 minute class and follow your Group Fitness Instructor through either a high energy workout or a low intensity, stretching movement class. 

Because we have access to the swimming pools and it is our point of difference from other facilities, most of our Group Fitness Classes are water based. There are major benefits to exercising in water, where your joints are not 'loaded' and your exercise movements work against resistance from the water. Check out the benefits.


  • Aqua Aerobics / Hydro Stretch & Move Classes are FREE to Full Facility and Group Fitness Members
  • Aqua Aerobics / Hydro Stretch & Move Classes - Casual User $15.00 per class


The Whangarei Aquatic Centre now has group fitness memberships! Get access to all our public group fitness classes and enjoy full access to our pools and sauna as well!

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Class Descriptions

Hydro Intro: Imperative for all newcomers to attend; low intensity movements designed to introduce newcomers to the hydrotherapy pool, to evaluate readiness before participating in group classes, and to provide skills for use during public sessions.

Hydro Tonic: Our most gentle group fitness class - focuses on total wellbeing and will contribute to enhanced quality of life. Introduces tai chi and yoga principles and functional movements to improve mobility, strength, flexibility, coordination, and fitness.

Hydro Combo: Similar to Hydro Tonic but slightly more intense.

Hydro Motion: An intense full body workout using the resistance of the water as well as noodles; dumb bells and other materials to improve fitness levels, muscle tone and fat burn.

Hydro Intense: Next step up from Hydro Motion; faster, stronger, harder, but still focussing on total wellbeing – held in the Hydrotherapy Pool.

Ai Chi: A simple water exercise and relaxation program performed using a combination of deep breathing and slow, broad movements of arms, legs, and torso in flowing continual patterns.

Aqua Fit: A full body workout using the resistance of the water as well as noodles; dumb bells and other materials to improve fitness levels, muscle tone and fat burn. Caters to all levels.

Aqua Deep: A high cardio deep water workout. Aqua deep is a non-weight bearing form of exercise performed in the deep end of the pool with the participant wearing a buoyancy belt, so the range of movement and intensity is far greater than you can achieve on dry land and most importantly without the impact.

Fifties Forward: A 45 minute low intensity ‘sit fit’ class that utilises functional body weight and low resistance exercises to achieve joint strength and stability as well as progressive mobility. As the title suggests this is ideal for seniors (available only to paid up members of 50s Forward).

Come and join our friendly instructors

Group Fitness Classes are available Sunday to Friday with a variety of low impact workouts designed to suit all ability levels. Our Aqua Aerobics classes have been specifically designed to challenge and improve your fitness, strength, stamina and flexibility and overall wellbeing. Everyone stands to benefit from water exercise, from elite level athletes through to those recovering from injury or who are just looking for variety in their exercise programme.