Debit Success Contracts

Small Print

Check the Small Print BEFORE SIGNING UP!

Paying for your membership by easy weekly payments is a great way of getting the membership you want, without a big outlay of cash.

However, there are 3 things you need to know:

1. A 6-month contract doesn't mean your payments will stop after 6 months*

  • All contracts 'roll over' at the end of the contract term
  • This means, if you take out a 6 month contract, you are commiting yourself to a minimum of six months of payments, NOT that the membership will end after 6 months
  • if you only want your membership to run for 6 months, phone us on (09) 430-4072 or Debit Success on 0800 481 0400, and ask for your contract to be 'set to term'.

*The same applies for 12 month contracts and other 'term' contracts. Open contracts may be cancelled at any time with 10 days notice.

2. You must give at least 10 days notice to cancel your membership

You can cancel a membership while you are still in the minimum contract term, but you must give notice (at least 10 days), that you don't want the membership to continue. If you wish to cancel before you have completed the minimum term you will need to pay 25% of the remaining balance or $150 - whichever is the lesser.

Note that your account can not be cancelled if you have missed payments - you will have to make arrangements to bring your payments up to date. This will include any bank fees from missed payments (see Section 3).

Call us on (09) 430-4072 or Debit Success on 0800 481 0400.

3. Your bank will charge a fee if there is not enough money in your account to cover a payment

  • If your account doesn't have enough funds to meet a payment, the bank charges Debit Success a $10 dishonour fee, which will be added to your payments owing.
  • When your next payment is due, Debit Success will attempt to deduct from your bank account the current instalment + the missed instalment + the $10 fee.
  • If you know there will not be enough funds to cover your next payment, phone Debit Success on 0800 481 0400. They can arrange catch up payments with you and avoid the penalty fee.
  • Debit Success will not close your membership until all outstanding payments, including penalty fees, have been cleared. 

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