Primecare Physio

 PrimeCare Physiotherapy

The Primecare Physiotherapy team can be found at 58 Kamo Road, in the brick house located next door to the Kensington Service Station.

Helen Doar, Rosana Yovich and Rachael Irwin take pride in providing an individualised approach to treatment after a thorough assessment.

Treatment utilises a wide range of techniques and modalities, including manipulative therapy, muscle balance screening, acupuncture, clinical pilates and injury education. Primecare Physiotherapy deal in all facets of recovery, rehabilitation and prevention with a focus toward overall health and wellness.

The team also works in conjunction with the Whangarei Aquatic Centre to provide rehabilitation programmes for patients with injury preventing return to work, sport or everyday life activities. Hydrotherapy and a non-intimidating gym approach provide a great environment for rehabilitation and successful return to life.

Helen, Rosana and Rachael have a passion and enjoyment for the work and you will come in to find a happy and relaxed atmosphere – no pain too big or too small!! It is satisfying to see measurable change and progress as a result of treatment and in seeing healthy happy individuals walk out their door.