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Hydrotherapy pool closure for re-tiling

26 April 2019

Hydrotherapy pool closure for re-tiling

I am pleased to announce we finally have a date for the re-tiling of the hydrotherapy pool.

Re-tiling work will start on Sunday 12 May so the pool will be unavailable from then. We have been told the work will take approximately 2 weeks for the process to be complete (the pool needs to be thoroughly dried before work can start and then needs several days for the glue to cure before the pool can be refilled and brought up to temperature again).

We understand this may be a major inconvenience to our regular users and apologise in advance.

We know that, for a number of our customers, the closure of the hydrotherapy pool will be little more than an irritant, as you are able to take full advantage of other pools or classes. Our cash membership agreement states that:

Membership agreement extract

Notwithstanding, we are aware that for some of you, access to the hydrotherapy pool is the main or only reason you come to the facility and its unavailability may have a major impact on your wellbeing. Unfortunately, all we can do is try to get the pool back up and running as quickly as possible.

However, if your sole reason for attending Whangarei Aquatic Centre is to visit the hydrotherapy pool for pain relief, please contact reception to request a suspension/extension to your membership as compensation for the closure.