Over the next year, we will be bundling a range of programmes under the banner "Legends - Active Living Leaders". While it is targeted primarily at the 50+ age group, many of the options will also be open to people who, while not meeting the age requirement, are still beating the odds.

What is the LEGENDS – active living leaders programme about?

In a nutshell – The LEGENDS programme was born out of the rapidly increasing numbers in NZ’s senior population (due in most part to the Baby Boomer generation with people living longer due to advances in medicine and technology).

To cater for this growing demographic CLM (Community Leisure Management) is moving to provide the NZ senior community with a greater range of fitness and recreation options aimed to keep everyone fit and active in their pre and post retirement years.


Legends at Richmond Aquatic Centre



Legends Vitality

Join us on Mondays & Fridays at 1pm for our dry land class . Vitality is a 45 - 60min class for over 50's focusing on stability, strength and mobility.

  • Free for all Legends and Fitness Centre Members
  • Casual Class - $10
  • Group Fitness Room in the fitness centre.