SwimMagic Swim School

SwimMagic is a revolutionary swim school programme designed to give you and your child the best chance of progression in the shortest possible time.

During summer we offer SwimMagic lessons at Nayland Park Pool in an outdoor heated teaching pool enabling lessons for babies, pre school, school age, squads, adult learn to swim and Private lessons. 

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Lessons For All Ages

SwimMagic is made up of specialised programmes that cater from 6 months old through to competitive swimmers and adults.

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Magic moments

Babies & Toddlers (6 months - 3 years)

Our specialised baby, tots and toddlers programme ensures that through exploration, play, songs, challenges and water safety practices, each child is given every opportunity to develop to their full potential.


Pre-school programme

3-5 years old

From the outset SwimMagic aims to have children as safe as possible in, on and around water. We focus almost solely on body position and kick exercises to speed up progress for our youngest swimmers.

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School age programme

5 years +

The SwimMagic school age programme is unparalleled. We have utilised the experience and knowledge of over 200 instructors to develop a consistent system that is being constantly improved and refined.


Swimming squads

While most swim schools are structured with goals focused around distance, SwimMagic has decided to progress children through squad levels based on their ability to hold technique.

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Adult swimming lessons

SwimMagic's adult programme caters for absolute beginners through to competent swimmers looking to improve their technique.

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Private lessons

Would you or your child benefit from 1 on 1 lessons with a SwimMagic instructor? Get in touch and we can book these in!

Learn more about SwimMagic

Meet Kori the SwimMagic mascot, learn more about our 15 different progressive levels and explore SwimMagic's national network. 

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Nayland Park Pool Nayland Park Pool Nayland Park Pool Nayland Park Pool
Nayland Park Pool Nayland Park Pool Nayland Park Pool Nayland Park Pool