Group Fitness Classes

Do you enjoy the energy and sociability of group fitness classes?
Then you have come to the right place!
We have an experienced and very diverse fitness team to deliver challenging, fun sessions that will get your endorphins racing!

Fitness classes are awesome because they give you that extra bit of motivation that you can miss out on when training alone.
With the latest music, enthusiastic instructors and a highly motivating group atmosphere, you are sure to get a fantastic workout.

Les Mills

Les Mills

Find out what all the fuss is about and why Les Mills Group Fitness classes have circumnavigated the globe.

Box Fit

Punch your way to a fitter you!
Get fitter and release some stress in this all-inclusive boxing class. Includes a variety of pad and partner work along with boxing bag combos. Gain specialised boxing skills whilst working your core, improving strength, toning your shoulders and burning calories.

20 max – please book via the APP


BOOTCAMP – Empower yourself. Improve fitness, build strength and increase stamina in a team environment. This class is suitable for all abilities – your trainer will adapt the workout to suit your needs and you chose the intensity. This class is varied and fun, incorporating a range of cardio and resistance exercises in a circuit.

20 max – please book via the APP.


General Adaptation Syndrome (G.A.S) includes varied functional movements executed at high intensity, with a focus on Olympic lifting, metabolic conditioning and much more. Prepare to be pushed mentally and physically and your body will see major adaptions!
We recommend you try BOOTCAMP or SURGE before.

15 max – please book via the APP.


Cardio fitness at its peak!
High intensity interval training (HIIT) where you can use heart rate monitors to track your heart rate. Your trainer will motivate you through varied fun and functional movements involving equipment like battle ropes, tyres, and kettlebells.

20 max – please book via the APP.

Core Fit

Build strength from within. Focus on the core muscles which stabilise and protect the spine as well as tone the abdominals. When you are stronger in your centre – you are stronger everywhere! This workout includes our awesome suspension training equipment where you can vary the intensity to suit you simply by changing your body position. Expect to feel the benefit in a variety of places – this is a whole-body workout!

9 max – please book via the APP.


Our Yoga classes include dynamic and static movements and poses that strengthen and tone your body. Suitable for all levels of experience, our classes create an environment that focuses on the mind, body and soul. Finishing with relaxation, you will feel ready to take on the day!


Enhance your body’s performance.
A must for every gym goer! This injury prevention session will improve range of movement in order to make all the other exercises you do whilst training (and in your day to day life) more effective. You will increase power, flexibility, balance and coordination so your body functions better and feels better.

20 max – please book via the APP.

Aqua Fit

AQUA FIT is an aerobics class using water as the resistance to improve muscle tone and coordination. It offers a lower impact class for your joints while still getting the cardiovascular and muscular strength benefits. Our fabulous instructors will provide you with plenty of options and plenty of fun!
No swimming ability required.

Legends Fit

CLM The Bays Legends programme offers classes for those on the better side of 50!
A low impact strength option that improves balance and coordination to help keep you on your feet. A fun class to help keep you moving and most importantly, keep you independent!

Legends Flex

CLM The Bays legends programme offers classes for those on the better side of 50!
A low impact cardio option that brings the fun with great music and a full-body workout.

Golden Guys

A class for the more mature male - aimed for all levels of fitness. This circuit-based class works on strength, cardio, core and flexibility - in a friendly, non-judgmental environment.

Baby and me

Mums, dads and under 2s welcome.
45 mins full-body exercises - a mix of cardio, strength and mobility with options for everyone.
Bring clothes you can easily workout in, trainers, sweat towel, water bottle.
Bring a blanket for baby, toys and food.
Must book in to guarantee your space.

Group Fitness Timetable

Please note our group fitness timetable is a live document and updated by our team each week.
During Public Holidays you may see a reduction of classes. Don’t worry, all your favourites will be back!!

Morning Classes: 05:30 am - 12:00 pm Afternoon / Evening Classes: 12:00 - 09:00 pm

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With so many options, what's your excuse? 

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