Navy Testing

For all those budding navy officers out there, Freyberg Community Pool is the place to undertake the compulsary initial swim test.

Our qualified and experienced instructors will take you through the test and provide feedback on your results.

COST: $26 - Note this cost includes one resit if you test unsuccessfully 

PHOTO ID: All participants are required to bring government issued photo identification to be copied and filed with the test results.


Examples of what assessors are looking for:


50 meter continuous swim using freestyle. Goggles and dive off or in the pool starts are permitted.

  • 5 - Well above: 34 seconds or faster
  • 4 - Above: 35-44 seconds
  • 3 - Meets: 45-54 seconds
  • 2 - Below: 55-64 seconds
  • 1 - Well below: 55-64+ seconds 


For five minutes within 1 meter radius. No touching the bottom or sides - preferably in dive pool.

  • 5 - Well Above: Completed the 5 minutes easily - stayed within 1 meter radius. Very upright, stays stationary, head and shoulders out of the water
  • 4 - Above: Completes 5 minutes relatively easily - stays within 1 meter radius, drops head a bit
  • 3 - Meets: Completes 5 minutes and stays mostly within the 1 meter radius - may drop neck/head into the water a little
  • 2 - Below: Fails to keep head above water - can't stay within 1 meter radius, looks stressed, sinking regularly
  • 1 - Well Below: Cannot complete 5 minutes without assistance requires up-skilling 


Duck dive 2.2m to retrieve rubber brick.

  • 5 - Well above: Completes with ease. Smooth, skilled and quick - no fuss
  • 4 - Above: Completes with one of the following: grapples with the brick and or quite slow/ and or end of breath when surfacing. Drops head a little when returning with brick
  • 3 - Meets: Completes - with 2 or more of following: maybe has 2 attempts, and/or is quite slow near end of breath range when surfacing and/or drops head a little when returning with brick
  • 2 - Below: stressed - can dive below surface but not to 2.2m
  • 1 - Well below: Nervous in water - nowhere near completing, fearful and requires up-skilling

For more information and to make a booking, please contact Freyberg Community Pool on (06) 354 3856