SwimMagic School Age

SwimMagic Learn to Swim Programme

Here at SwimMagic your child will be taught the basics but necessary skills for swimming.  The SwimMagic School Age programme has eight levels with four goals in each level, including one Water Safety goal. Basic skills are shown throughout the levels, starting with Submersion and Floating right through to learning all four strokes

On enrolling your child, we will assess them to put your child into the correct level for their ability. This allows them to reach achievable goals and move onto the next level in the programme.

 School Age Programme

All children must pass all four goals of the level they are in before moving up to the next stage of the programme.

  • Kickers- Floating Front & Back Unassisted, Freestyle Kick with Boards, Backstroke Kick with Boards, Water Safety- Independent U-Turn
  • Paddlers- Freestyle Arms and Kicking, Backstroke Kick HBS, Backstroke Arms & Kicking with Board, Water Safety- Front to Back Rotation
  • Breathers- Freestyle Kick on Side, Freestyle Swim with Boards, Backstroke Swim, Water Safety- Swim Non Stop
  • Swimmers- Freestyle Swim B3, Backstroke Kick on Side, Breaststroke Kick with Board, Water Safety- Swim Non Stop
  • Development- Freestyle & Backstroke Swim (opposite arms), Breaststroke Kick with Board, Butterfly Kick with Board, Water Safety- Swim Non Stop
  • Bronze Squad- 1x25m Freestyle Swim B3 with Good Streamline, 1x25m Backstroke Swim Opposite Arms & Good Entry, Breaststroke Kick with Pull Buoy & Board, Freestyle Pull & Fly Kick B4 Forward
  • Silver Squad- 1x25m Freestyle Swim with Good Streamline/Timing/Entry Shape, 1x25m Backstroke- Alternate Penguin Drill, 1X25m Breaststroke Pull with Butterfly Kick, One Arm Freestyle with Butterfly Kick B4 Forward
  • Gold Squad- Multiple Lengths Freestyle with Good Technique, Multiple Lengths Backstroke with Good Technique, 1x25m Breaststroke Swim- Pull/Kick/Glide Sequence, 1x25m Two Arms Butterfly with Fins B2
  • Freyberg Magic- Avanced Squad. 1 Hour long session involving Endurance, Sprint and Technique work.